NWA Animal Rescue, Shelter, and Adoption


Nurture Northwest Arkansas

NWA Animal Rescue, Shelter, and Adoption is now Nurture Northwest Arkansas

Providing the means for proper care and shelter for domesticated animals in the Northwest Arkansas region.

The mission of Nurture Northwest Arkansas is to financially and administratively assist animal shelters and safe havens in Benton and Washington counties. Our organization was formed by animal lovers and longtime residents of the Northwest Arkansas region, and seeks to bring its people together to support the stray and abandoned animals and existing animal shelters and services that need help in our growing community.

If you’re an interested donor or volunteer, or a representative of an existing animal shelter or service in Northwest Arkansas, please use the Contact Us form at the bottom of the page to see how we can work together to make our community safer and kinder for all domesticated animals.

Areas of Service

Animal Shelter funding and assistance

Nurture Northwest Arkansas’s primary goal is to empower the animal shelters and services of Northwest Arkansas to provide comprehensive, compassionate care without concessions due to lack of funding. Through regular communication with the directors, volunteers, and professionals that make these shelters and services a reality, Nurture Northwest Arkansas will identify areas of need and provide raised funds to these organizations for regular operation.

Animal shelter/service projects

Working closely with directors and boards of existing animal shelters and services in Northwest Arkansas, NWA ARSA also aims to use its funds for long-term projects such as constructing new facilities, hiring of needed staff, and other initiatives. Nurture Northwest Arkansas is eager to develop budgets and work to raise funds for these larger projects to help animal services in the area become the best they can be.

individual animal cases

Monetary need or lack of funding should never be the reason an animal in our community goes without the urgent care and love they require. Nurture Northwest Arkansas will work with animal shelters, services, and a committee of citizens to identify individual animals in need and raise money for veterinary care and shelter accommodations, and seek a loving home for permanent adoption.



See How You Can Help.

Affecting the life of an animal in your community is as simple as reaching out and seeing how you can help.

If you are an interested volunteer or donor, please include your town of residence, so we can include you in communications specific or relevant to Benton or Washington counties.

If you are a representative of an existing Benton or Washington County animal shelter or animal service, please include the name of your organization and a way to contact you or another representative by phone, email, or through social media.

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